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Phuket Ladyboy Massage

Massage in Phuket by the beautiful Ladyboys 

Phuket Ladyboy Massage

Thailand, famous for it’s beautiful beaches, Muay Thai boxing, food, culture, and yes……ladyboys. We will be taking you to a massage parlor in Patong where all the massages are carried out by the beautiful ladyboys of Phuket. These ladyboys are as good as it gets when it comes to knowing how to perform an authentic Thai massage and will have you drifting off into your own little world in no time.

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They offer a number of different massages including:

  • Traditional Thai Massage – Thai Massage has its roots in the ancient medicine of Indian Ayurvedic. The influence of Yoga is also present in the body positions and the stretching movements that are part of Thai Massage.
    The stretching movements affect the entire body. They increase body flexibility, and they release body tension at all levels. The stretching movements complement the working of energy lines and pressure points so that together they produce a highly therapeutic effect.
  • Aroma Therapy – During an aromatherapy massage, the essential oils of aromatic plants are absorbed through the pores of the skin. The lightly scented vapors of essential oils are also enjoyed, and increase the beneficial effect on the mind and body.

As well as the Traditional Thai massage and aroma therapy, they also offer a number of other massages including oil and sun burn massages, perfect for after those days spent out in the sun.

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